On South Sudan, As UN Covers Up, Canned Ban Ki-moon Statement, UNSC To Meet, Minders or Censors?

UNITED NATIONS, July 10 (InnerCityPro.com) -- With the UN in South Sudan having refused to provide information about civilians killed outside its base in Wau, then refusing to confirm the 150 soldiers dead in the leaked UN memo Inner City Press first published, now Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, fresh from a junket with philanthropists, has issued this:

"I am shocked and appalled by the heavy fighting that is currently taking place in Juba. I strongly urge President Kiir and First Vice-President Riek Machar to do everything within their power to de-escalate the hostilities immediately and to order their respective forces to disengage and withdraw to their bases. This senseless violence is unacceptable and has the potential of reversing the progress made so far in the peace process.

United Nations compounds and protection of civilians sites in Juba have been caught in the cross-fire. I am deeply frustrated that despite commitments bySouth Sudan’s leaders, fighting has resumed. They must take decisive action to regain control of the security situation in Juba; prevent the spread of violence to other parts of the country; guarantee the safety and security of civilians, United Nations and other personnel; and genuinely commit themselves to the full implementation of the peace agreement.

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan continues to protect displaced civilians and engage all stakeholders in order to end the fighting and restore security."

There is a 4:30 pm Sunday Security Council meeting that Inner City Press, despite Ban's censorship, is going to cover.

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