On Burundi, After UN Spox Dodges On “Famine” In Leaked Email, This Read-Out of UNSC Briefing

UNITED NATIONS, November 8 (InnerCityPro.com) -- Hours after UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric told ICP the UN does not use the word "famine" in connection with Burundi, at least not publicly, and after a question and answer session that never happened, the UN issued this, which ICPro published in full:

Statement on the Security Council briefing
8 November 2016 - New York

The Special Adviser to the Secretary-General for Conflict Prevention (including Burundi), Jamal Benomar, briefed the Security Council today on his recent visit to Burundi and the region regarding the implementation of Security Council resolution 2303 [29 July 2016]. Below is his statement following the briefing:

I just briefed the Security Council on the various meetings I held with the Government and other stakeholders during my visit to Burundi, as well as with the facilitator of the EAC-led dialogue, former President Benjamin Mkapa, in Dar es Salaam. 

I told the Council that I listened carefully to the views and concerns of the Burundian Government in respect to resolution 2303, particularly regarding the proposed deployment of unarmed UN police officers. 

Our discussions were constructive and I’m confident that with continuous engagement and political will, we will find common ground as a basis for moving forward with the implementation of the resolution. 

I told the Council that I believe we need a new compact between the Government of Burundi and the international community, with both sides engaging in a constructive effort to promote peace and stability, in full respect of Burundi’s sovereignty. 

The Burundian people are suffering the economic and humanitarian consequences of this situation, and the UN is seeking to increase its efforts to meet the needs of the population. But in order to address the many implications of this crisis in the long-term, its root causes must be tackled – a Burundian-led political process and a genuine and inclusive dialogue are urgently needed. 

I look forward to continued engagement with the Burundian Government and other stakeholders in order to reach consensus on the steps needed to move the country forward.

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