At UNSC, Russian Counter-Terrorism Draft Has Coordination with Syria; Moroccan Diplomats Converge


By Matthew Russell Lee for

UNITED NATIONS, November 18 -- On his way into the UN Security Council for a session ostensibly about Lebanon, UK Deputy Permanent Representative Peter Wilson mentioned the new “counter-terrorism” draft resolution; a half an hour later, Russia's new draft was described as based on Article 51 self-defense and still involving coordination with the Syrian government. Can the Western Permanent Three members of the Council live with that now? Inner City is on the case.

Meanwhile while the meeting continued, four Moroccan diplomats convened just outside the Council. There are been a mention of comments by the Moroccan Foreign Minister - as Inner City Press previously asked the UN about, he said UN envoy Christopher Ross could not or should not go to the desert areas of Western Sahara. Inner City is on this case as well.

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