Pushing for Next SG, Helen Clark Saturday Night Live from UN, Questions UNasked

By Matthew Russell Lee, for InnerCityPro.com

UNITED NATIONS, June 25 --   Helen Clark did a Facebook Live Q&A on Saturday evening from inside the UN compound, emphasizing that it would be 10 am in her native New Zealand. Photo here.

In the interview, which did not ask any questions about for example the John Ashe (RIP) / Ng Lap Seng UN corruption case, or UN sexual abuse in the Central African Republic or cholera in Haiti, Clark said she expects the Security Council to forward only one name to the General Assembly.

So, she said, viewer should lobby their governments to tell Security Council members that the name should be Clark. She was asked what Kiwi food she misses -- marmite -- and favorite book, 100 Years of Solitude. It did not sound like she would make any clear sweep: she lavished praise on one sitting UN official; she did, however, seem to favor the UN beginning to pay its interns, so there's that.

Clark was asked about Brexit and dodged; we've noted that it may make a UK veto of Susana Malcorra less likely, here. Will the ten (and perhaps eleven, if Kristalina Georgieva jumps in) other candidates do similar broadcasts? Watch this site.

Back on June 7 when Susana Malcorra and Miroslav Lajcák came to the UN to answer questions on June 7 in their bids to become the next UN Secretary General, Inner City Press asked them both abut the UN sexual abuse and John Ashe / Ng Lap Seng bribery scandal, then asked General Assembly President Mogens Lykketoft about the process.

Lajcák replied on both scandals with the same phrase: zero tolerance. He said that as Foreign Minister of Slovakia he tells his staff there will be no tolerance for corruption, because the acts of one can tarnish all the others. One wonders, then, why even the individuals identified in the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services' Ng Lap Seng audit have not been held accountable.

Malcorra gave longer answers, perhaps because she was at the UN, as Ban Ki-moon's chief of staff, during the scandals.

On the Ng Lap Seng audit, she argued that it is about “holes” in the PGAs office.

But the audit says that the Secretariat's DGACM modified a document to include the name of Ng Lap Seng's company, and that the Under Secretary General for Public Information failed to do due diligence before putting Ban with Ng's Global Sustainability Foundation in the GA Lobby, and allowing GSF to sponsor the UN's slavery memorial.

Inner City Pro asked or told Malcorra that Anders Kompass, retaliated against for “moving forward” with the seemingly covered-up charges of sexual abuse from CAR, had quit the UN earlier in the day citing impunity. Malcorra said she hadn't heard that he quit; she gave a long answer culminating in that Kompass had given the report to “a member state unredacted,” and saying her focus is on the victims.

Inside the Trusteeship Council Chamber, when asked about cholera in Haiti, Malcorra seemed to say she would have to wait to be better informed in order to answer. Really? We'll have more on this.

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