On Yemen, Envoy IOCA Has Another Ceasefire Announcement, As Churkin Tells ICP UK Should Seek Sana’a No-Fly Zone

UNITED NATIONS, October 17 (InnerCityPro.com) -- After responses on Yemen from the UK's Matthew Rycroft (who said the Saudi self-investigation of the funeral bombing is still ongoing) and Russia's Vitaly Churkin (who told ICP he hoped the UK draft resolution on Yemen has a no-fly zone for Sana'a, like the one being sought for Aleppo in Syria, Beyond the Vine video here), the envoy IOCA issued this:

The United Nations Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, announced a plan for the resumption of a comprehensive Cessation of Hostilities in Yemen. The Special Envoy has received assurances from all Yemeni parties of their recommitment to the Terms and Conditions of the Cessation of Hostilities of 10 April 2016, which will re-enter into force at 23:59 Yemen time on 19 October 2016, for an initial period of 72 hours, subject to renewal.

The Special Envoy welcomes the restoration of the Cessation of Hostilities, which will spare the Yemeni people further bloodshed and will allow for the expanded delivery of humanitarian assistance. He calls upon all Yemeni parties, the region and the international community to encourage full respect for the Cessation of Hostilities and to ensure that it leads to a permanent and lasting end to the conflict. The Special Envoy calls for the immediate reactivation of the De-escalation and Coordination Committee (DCC) and the deployment of its members to Dhahran Al Janoub as agreed during the Kuwait talks.

The Special Envoy reminds all Yemeni parties that the Terms and Conditions of the Cessation of Hostilities include an obligation to allow free and unhindered access for humanitarian supplies and personnel to all parts of Yemen, in addition to a full and comprehensive halt to military activities of any kind.

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