On North Korea, ICPro on Reason for Delay of UNSC Resolution, Upcoming DPRK Human Rights Session

Analysis, Must Credit ICPro

UNITED NATIONS, November 23 (InnerCityPro.com) -- Amid predictions that the long pending North Korea draft resolution will be put to a vote in the UN Security Council next week, InnerCityPro can today report the following:

The draft is “with the P5,” the five Permanent Members of the Council, but Japan and South Korea have seen it too. While China is apparently OK with it, a Council source says that Russia is raising issues. The source, not in the P5, is not aware what Russia's issues are.

It's said the full Council would or will get it 48 hours before vote so that the North Koreans don't see what and who is on the list -- but maybe the North Koreans already know. The most predicted timing remains next week - but maybe even the week after that.

Also, in December under Spain's presidency of the Security Council there's to be a Council session on North Korea human rights. China is expected to call for a procedural vote. There is a concern how Kim Jong Un will react to a Council sanctions resolution *and* human rights session. But the proponents just want to go forward. Watch this site.

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